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Being so accommodating

Earlier today I had agreed that a friend of the youngest of my brood could have tea and stay the night.

They had been to Halfords earlier in the afternoon, eyeing up some mag wheels for BMX bikes (aside: I love how his priorities have changed since going to high school.

We are here to make sure that your event goes perfectly and we are looking forward to sharing it with you soon.We had little tea parties for friends after school occasionally and birthday parties were always fairly traditional; at home, party food, games and a cake.I have no shame in admitting that it was because we could never have afforded soft play parties or magicians. Plus, we were different by having these parties at home. I know my children are a bit older now (the two at home are 17 and 11) but at weekends it appears to be the norm to be asked if so-and-so can stop for tea or if Mate X can stay overnight.A novel or story written in one language will have a style, a tone.Maintaining this tone is more important than a literal translation of the words, because a literal translation might result in dialogue or descriptions that make little sense to the target audience, or which are perfectly understandable but do not convey the tone the author originally intended. Sometimes the author is consulted and questioned by the translator to ensure they are making the right stylistic choices, but often the lonely translator is forced to work alone, making their best guess.I've enjoyed having the children's friends over at our house, more so that I knew where they were and there was no excuse for wandering the streets aimlessly.I wasn't an Enid Blyton mum - there was no freshly squeezed lemonade made by Cook - but the contents of the biscuit tin usually took a bit of a beating.Maybe I am the unusual one for being so accommodating? Accommodation indicates a freer, more creative rendering from one language into another, with an emphasis on producing a target text that is beautiful to read rather than strictly literal.These decisions are, in their own way, artistic; one way to look at an accommodating translation, especially when it involves a work of fiction, is that the story is being re-written by the translator. But it does feel that way, sometimes, when you’re up late at night seeking the perfect phrasing that will maintain the air of menace in a crime story, or the atmosphere of joy in a romance!We would like to thank you for your interest in holding your private event at Ruffino's.


  1. Ways Being Too Nice At Work Can Backfire. Emmie Martin. Sep. 19. so you'll be easy to. Being too nice might also keep you from forming true friendships with.

  2. Revolution Hall is beautiful and Carrie decorates it so wonderfully that it required very little extra decoration from us. Thanks for being so accommodating! Charlene.

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