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Wairau Intermediate encourages student participation in a huge variety of extra curricular activities, again challenging them to reach their full potential in all areas.Wairau Intermediate School opened in 1980 as the first variable space intermediate school on the North Shore.Situated between the suburbs of Forrest Hill and Sunnynook, it seemed that one of these would be taken as the school name.The original Principal, Dave Kerr, was keen to involve the school community in the naming of the school and after much input and discussion, it was decided that the school would be called Wairau Intermediate.Striving at all times to develop excellence in student achievement, these programmes go beyond the national guidelines set out in curriculum statements.

Specialists Highly trained teachers provide learning experiences in Food Technology, Metal Technology, Wood Technology, Visual Arts and Music.Originally built to accommodate 10 classes, the school quickly grew and was added to over the years.Students have access to the latest innovations in learning technology A copy of our current Strategic Plan is available for viewing at the school office.All children rotate through these five areas over the year.Extension classes are also offered in these subjects for pupils identified as having ability in these areas.Below is a list of sports that Wairau Students regularly are involved in at our local Zone days.Some sports are offered outside of school hours, such as Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Water Polo and Table Tennis.These children are recognised at assemblies and receive a membership badge and certificate.At the end of the year the names of all members go into a draw and the lucky five win a scenic helicopter flight over Auckland.This means that no matter where you live your child has access to all the wonderful opportunities that Wairau Intermediate School offers.It is however very important to enrol your child well in advance of the school year, to help with successful class placements and school organisation.


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  4. Wairau Intermediate School is a variable space state intermediate school dedicated to meeting the academic, emotional, physical and social needs of emerging adolescents. Located on the North Shore ten minutes from downtown Auckland City, the school offers a wide range of programmes to a school population which.

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