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Dr Murdock said a lack of plastic surgeons and a large volume of higher priority surgeries were two key reasons why women were waiting longer for breast reconstructions."This is not an easy issue to address, and the priority for the surgeon is treating the breast cancer," she said.

' "There's nothing left that defines you as a woman.She was put on a waiting list for breast reconstructive surgery at Cairns Base Hospital at the time. There are more than 100 far north Queensland women who have had mastectomies.The hospital assessed the 101 women earlier this year and deemed nine as ready for surgery."What BCNA is calling for is the Government and Opposition commit to investing to make sure we can deal with this backlog of women waiting for breast reconstructions."We want to make sure we have open communication between the hospital and women, so there is no sense of false hope or misunderstanding of where someone is on a waiting list, or whether they are eligible."Some of the women say if they had known what they do today they would've considered going private."They feel like they weren't told the truth about how long they were going to have to wait."Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service executive director of medical services, Nicki Murdock, admitted communication with patients needed to improve.Jeannie Christie only has two mirrors in her house — the ones she can't take down.The 50-year-old Cairns woman has hated looking at herself ever since her double mastectomy in 2011, when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) has been working with some of the women waiting for breast reconstructive surgery.General manager of strategic projects at Breast Cancer Network Australia, Kirsten Pilatti said government funding and hospital communication were the biggest barriers."There's a lack of plastic surgeons and an investment issue in the hospitals," she said.The city that never sleeps has good reason to remain sleepless these days. Bare breasts bouncing in the breeze in Times Square, to be specific.A new terror imperils New York, threatening to destroy all that it — nay, America — holds dear. New York City has recently lost its mind because a few women have lost their shirts.


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