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Environment is running on Server 2008 R2 SP1, SQL 2008 and SCCM 2012 R2. One single domain, all machines belong to the same domain, no workgroup clients.

When adding new machines, I do run inventory actions manually from Control Panel or use the Right-Click tools to get informations asap.

Once you have selected all replys it will kinda load them..i thought that was the uploading but noif all replys are finished loading you need to push the botton on the buttom that says upload.

Tho obvious answer for this was IIS, so we turned on IIS logging for the MP server and sent the Hinv again.

I definitely rebooted both the systems more than once over the last 2 weeks, but only a site reset helped more or less. One of the miracles in SCCM, I'll never understand.

Me and a colleague have been working on an issue today where the Hinv from a client was being generated and sent but never seemed to be received by the MP.

All the clients are communicating fine with MP and getting all the policy etc however around 70-80 % of client are not sending inventory information to MP. Inventory on these systems is fine however in i am getting following message, Outgoing Message(Queue='mp_mp_sinvendpoint', ID=): In pending state, will retry in 300 seconds.

Ccm Exec 6/16/2011 AM 10108 (0x277C) Outgoing Message(Queue='mp_mp_hinvendpoint', ID=): In pending state, will retry in 300 seconds.


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